Transmission #2 - One Gear at a Time

Yo Earthlings!

It hasn't been long since my last transmission but I'm always on my grind! And I have a checkpoint system setup so every time I hit another checkpoint by completing all the required tasks; we devlog this game up!

So! What's actually new?!

     - You can now enter and exit your mecha during on-planet levels on command!

     - When your mecha is badly damaged it'll eject the Pilot and leave into orbit so you don't get forever stuck on the planet! With a cool little animation might I add.

     - The attack system was updated to fit the game's weapon system. Each weapon has their own set of attacks!

     - On top of weapons and attacking there's also now a weapon wheel that slows down time a little bit so you can quickly equip a new weapon with a little time to think!

     - Misc polish to the space exploration system such as an added crosshair and some tweaks here and there!

This doesn't seem like a lot I know, but it was roughly 4-5 hours of work; not bad time if I do say so myself. And there's so much more to go! The next checkpoint is the Pilot combat which I have special plans for. 

So imagine this:
In the Mecha you're unstoppable! An alien murder machine that can travel through the darkest of cosmos! But when your machine of war hits its limit and has to retreat before it's destroyed; you the little pilot with weaker weaponry get ejected into depths of battle. With your jetpack you'll have to survive until get to the nearest rendezvous point where your mecha will fly in to swiftly take you back to space!

That's the atmosphere I'm aiming for in the next update! 
Until then here's some more development shots from this update! You can find even more on my Twitter!

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