Transmission #1 - A Long Way from Home

Yo Earthlings!
I really haven't done anything game dev related since my last jam game which isn't even up for play yet. But Rogue Star is a game I really enjoyed working on and had a much larger vision for. My apartment is really all set now, I bought a motorcycle and almost have all the legal stuff of that good to go; so after I get my AC what's stopping me from being not lazy? 

So! Here I am doing an update for Rogue Star! It's not much but it's a bunch of small quality of life and bug breaker stuff I'll list below:

             - When you see the planet info in space now the button prompts don't look messed up!

             - Now when you die in a combat level you actually die. Seems like something that should've worked but uh; yeah it just wasn't fully connected. A rogue-like without dying; wild.

             - I increased the rate that waves of enemies will generate. There was at least one complaint of lack of info on progress and this will hopefully address that some more. It was critique I took to heart because progress is important in a rogue styled game; it's all that keeps players playing. So this wasn't the only change I made that dealt with progress.

            - Fixed the planet interface after I decimated it by accident and peacefully quit development for the night. Which actually led to the new interface system for space. I decided to just start the new vision for the game now instead of rebuilding a system that's labelled for replacement shortly anyways. This took a minute since I had to rewrite most of the code; woo for refactoring.

These are just small fixes and changes to the game to make playing it a little better for now. I added the ALPHA download along with the classic Jam Edition of the game! The ALPHA build can always have gameplay blocks and bugs as I'm always modifying stuff and pushing out the update once it's done. Which is why it's an ALPHA and not a stable finished build.

What's the future looking like for Rogue Star? I don't like lengthy roadmaps as I always fail them; so I'll just give you an idea of the vision for the game. 

Imagine waking up in space after X years in cryosleep in a mecha registered to your DNA sequence. You're in an unfamiliar solar system with amnesia but your mecha's AI reminds you of one thing; you need to liberate the planets being fed on by a hostile alien species collective.

That's the vision, taking away the cutesy charm and fantasy I was adding to the game; and replacing it with cyberpunk goodness!

The main obstacles is really just finances to fund this kind of game art wise. It may take me months just to get the art going. It could take me a year or longer to get all the art. So until then I'll be updating the game with gameplay and art when I can. Any and all donations will go to the game's funding!

[Vespir logging off]

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