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Warning: This game does contain minor gore and violence

My Demon Within is my Weekly Game Jam 80 entry. And it's about a Samurai who has lost everything. Exiled as a Ronin. On his quest to regain his honor; a demon claims his soul. Now, the only way to regain his honor, is by killing the demon; by killing himself. But, the demon won't let you die that easily!


The main objective is to die! Your health is displayed above your head. Enemies will attack you when they get close; and you can attack them. If you do not attack for a while your demon will start to become more violent and force you to attack when the Demon Hunger meter is full. When you attack the meter is reset. 

Your demon keeps you healthy by healing you immensely and giving you an insane amount of health! To combat this you can Feed the demon to fill it's appetite. When you feed the demon:

  • The demon forces attacks less frequently
  • The demon heals you for less and less frequently
  • Your attack goes down
  • It takes longer for you to attack

However, if the demon forces you to attack; it will undo any Feed changes and give it a slight boost. Letting the demon attack also makes you a more fierce enemy, so less troops will come to kill you. Likewise, if you Feed you're less lethal; and more troops will come to kill you. It will also take away some of your Blood; yeah that sucks.

There's four skills that have a Blood Mark next to them (the red numbers). Red means it costs you something. So, if a skill has "1000" next to it in red; that means it costs 1,000 Blood to unlock. After you unlock a skill it's free to use after, with the exception of Feed. Using Feed increases the cost of it.

To gain Blood you simply kill enemies. 

This game uses the mouse, you click on buttons. All of your character skills are on the bottom of the screen.

Feed lets you feed the demon which slows it down
Attack is a standard attack to kill enemies
Heart Attack, Starve; and Sepuku are all harmful to you skills. These help you die faster. 
The Diamond next to skills are the cooldown. When blue you can use them again.
The Demon Hunger meter shows you how ready the demon is to force you to kill. It will give you an audio warning before it strikes.

I (Raea) created everything in this game except for the Character sprites. Those were made with RPG Maker MV's character creator.

The music was a cover of Castlevania's "Bloody Prince Medley". You can find his music here

And the forest sound effects were just some royalty free sounds I found online.

Release date Jan 22, 2019
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreStrategy, Action
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Arcade, Atmospheric, Dark Fantasy, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksBlog, Twitter, Instagram, Portfolio


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